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The Mojave: California’s Newest National Monument


Dry River, Mojave Desert

Dry River, Mojave Desert

Yesterdays LA Times had a story about the proposed National Monument in the Mojave Desert. Senator Dianne Feinstein is writing a bill that would put hundreds of thousands of acres of the Mojave off limits to wind and solar energy development.

The region along old Route 66 between Ludlow and Needles is a wildlife corridor as well as an historic corridor. 

There is no place where energy development does not have consequences for the landscape. Straight oil canals crisscrossing the Louisiana coast have changed the way water and sediment moves through the wetlands. Mountaintop removal, coal mining, in Appalachia has filled streams with debris, changed the way water flows through the mountains, and destroyed communities.

Perhaps, if we learn from the experiences in Louisiana and Appalachia, we can find a way to have both the clean energy development we need (and the Mojave is a natural place for it )  and the landscape we want and need.